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It is often glorified and hyped. Especially now. But working from home isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. And if you don’t prepare properly, you will taste the bad side of this otherwise incredible perk.

Cool. What was your point again?

Let me explain.

Offices are built for proper work. Chances are, your home isn’t.

Why? Well, because… it’s your home. It was made for something else.

Every work gets tedious and boring sometimes. No matter what you do. Even if you love it tremendously. There will be dull, repetitive, and boring aspects of it. …

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Working from home is only a small subset of remote work. And it’s not necessarily the best form of remote work either. Let’s go through the types of remote work, shall we?

A small collection of my rants about various forms of remote work.

Working from home

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In order to be serious about working from home, there are some essential criteria to be met.

Dedicated space

You won’t get very far by working from the sofa or kitchen table. Sure, it’s okay for one or two emails. But 8 hours of productivity? Please.

Understanding or no roommates

Is it a blessing to see your family more often! However, if you don’t set strict boundaries, both your personal and work relationship will suffer. What I mean is, people living with you should understand that you need your own space to actually work and perform okay. Set a strict timetable when you are “at work” and when you are “available”. …

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This is part 2 of our mini-series, which will guide you step by step on how to land a remote job. It is recommended you read the previous article and complete the checklist before continuing here.

So now, tell me.

  • What are you good at?
  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • Can any of that be monetized?
  • What will I see if I google your name?
  • Can you show me examples of your previous work?

These are the questions you should definitely have answers to before we are done here.

They are tough questions to answer, too. I know.

But you know what? These are essential. If someone asks what kind of remote job you are looking for and you answer oh, just about any — you are already doomed. And you are going to the nope pile. …

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We spend up to 35 percent of our productive time at work. Shouldn’t we at least make it, so it doesn’t suck? But wait, there’s more — the vast majority of people still commute (more than 70 percent), wasting even more of their time and putting unnecessary pressure on the environment in the process.

The easiest solution to all of this? Go remote!

That is, of course, easier said than done. …


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